Update Stuff!

Hey all! Not sure who swings by this site, but I’ve got a small update here. I’m going to try and set up a gallery section and possibly a section where you can look at different galleries of my various characters (kind of like how the Comics section is set up).

I’ve been updating my Patreon semi-regularly most of last year. And now I’ve started posting some pencils for a new comic Im starting! Those are for Patrons only, so if you want to see them I certainly could use the support! That said, I’ll be posting inks and colors there as well, and once the inks go up there I’ll be posting them here eventually for free, though likely sometime after they’ve been posted there first.

Anyway, below are a few pics that I did over the past year that I thought ya’ll would enjoy!

OH! And I’ve also added a new short SYX (from Manaworld) comic I did to the Comics section. You can see it here!

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