Well, here it is! Years later. My free Simpsons incest porn comic comes to a conclusion. And Im HAPPY with it! 🙂

You don’t have to read any of what is to follow but I would like to talk about it a bit, hopefully clarify some stuff and the way some of you have acted toward me, and how I’ve acted in return. I promise it’s not all negative so bare with me if you want…

Why did it take so long? Short answer: Life. Long answer: I’ve said it again and again, I have a full time job, I have a girlfriend, I have a family, I have a life outside of drawing free fan porn. You may think that sounds like I’m being pompous “Oh you think you’re better than us?” Truthfully, no, I don’t. I love this shit (I drew an entire 43 page comic about Bart wanting to fuck his mom, c’mon). But I was met with a lot of contempt while working on it. All the times I stopped posting, stopped updating, were either because one of three reasons

A: I literally had no time to post or work on it.

B: Because I was so exhausted from drawing full time that I didn’t feel like working on it. Crippling hand pain can, in fact, be a hindrance.

C: Because every time I came online to see how my porn-buds were doing, I was met with wave after wave of negative criticism and strange entitlement. Why would I want to update after that?

It sucked. A LOT. When I did update I tried explained why it had been so long, and people still sent me emails and messages telling me to “Just post something, as long as it’s Simpcest related.”(My other work felt invalid) and “Send me the rest of the pages so I can see them.”(Im afraid that’s not how it works) and my favorite most recently “He only started posting again because he needs money so he started a Patreon” (the comic… is… free) These are actually some of the nicer ones I’ve gotten. But I guess I was naive about spending my free time working on a comic then posting it for free and expecting people to be happy about it.

To which some have very very rightfully responded “It’s because you haven’t updated at all. It doesn’t have to be a page, but please just let us know when you’re working on it” And I realized, all my bitching about people complaining is really only half warranted. Some people just want to know Im still alive and that I might one day finish the comic because they really enjoy it.

And that is what made me want to finish it, it’s what makes me feel like a turd for how I’ve acted. Im grateful for those people. And you know what? All of this has helped me realize that in spite of how jaded I may seem, my attitude online toward you guys has not been great. I apologize for that. I seriously do. And despite all of this, the ups, the downs, I do want to keep making free comics, but I’d LOVE to get to a point where I can do it as either a part-time or full time gig. I know that sounds weird, getting money to make free comics? (I’ll go into that) but I think it’s something we would all benefit from (assuming you like my work).

Working on this comic taught me a lot about myself, others, and the age we live in. Which brings me to Patreon and why now?

Well, when someone pays me to do something, chances are I’m going to feel more obligated to fulfill that, I mean this person wants to contribute to my art and my passion, who am I to deny them that? So with Patreon I’m starting to get the hang of updating regularly, so far I’ve been doing it once week for a couple months now, with sketches and new pin-ups. It’s been fun to ease into this work some more instead of diving into the deep end, which was possibly my biggest mistake with Simpcest.

Once I reach my initial goal for Patreon, I’ll be transitioning to working on comic pages instead of Pin-ups, and I’d like to post pages a week early there for patrons, plus hi res files, .psd’s, timelapse video footage, and voting! So there are some pretty cool benefits to Patreon, and I really am trying to bring more of a positive attitude to posting online because I LOVE posting busty broads and porn and I want my site to be a place where you can come and escape the shitty-ness of the world, not be relegated to my own artistic insecurities.


Anyways thanx for reading my rambles. Im grateful for all the support you dudes have given me. I hope you’ll stay with on this wacky journey, and hope I can keep dishing out the goods. Whether that’s with more Simpcest or new comics, I look forward to it!